4 WHEEL STEERABLE AXLE CART -        QM-0270-999  *900 kg load capacity
*18 ga 90cm W x 150cm L x 35cm H steel bed construction
*Four 16? x 6.5? pneumatic wheels with grease nipples
*Removable tailgate with reinforced guides for added strength
*Yellow di-chromate hardware resists rust
*19mm diameter axles
*Smooth black powder coat paint finish 
QUADMASTER ATV POLY EXPLORER "10" ATV DUMP CART - QM-0175 *300 kg load Capacity
*Poly 75 cm W x 115 cm L x 30 cm H bed
*18? x 9.50? knobbly tyres with needle bearings and grease nipples for high speeds and rough terrain
*Poly bed construction is quiet and rust-proof
*Yellow di-chromate hardware resists rust
*25mm diameter axle
  *Easy single lever release dump mechanism
  *Hunting and Large Animal Retrieval
  *Camping and Equipment Transport
  *Remote Livestock Feeding and Care
  *Fence Installation and Maintenance
  *Municipal, National Park and Golf Course Care
  *School Field Maintenance
  *Large Complex/Multi Unit Property Care
  *Transporting Soils, Mulch, Hay, etc
  *Moving Large Plants and Small Trees
  *Equipment Transport to Installation Site
  *Transport of Hand Tools
  *Fighting Fires in rough terrain.
  *Transport of Personnel to remote areas
  *Rescue efforts in remote areas
  *Transport Trailer for Special Events
QUADMASTER ATV POLY TOW DUMP CART - QM-0330 *Whether the job is getting rid of garden refuse, hauling firewood, moving sand or dumping gravel, a QuadMaster dump cart will perform a variety of tasks safely, reliably and efficiently for years to come. The clean, ergonomic design and sturdy construction make these carts perfect for a variety of tasks, with a choice of capacities that can handle everything from light loads to heavy hauling.
  *340 kg load capacity 
  *Poly bed is quiet and rust-proof 
  *Bed is one-piece poly 965 mm W x 1 422 mm L x 355 mm H 
  *Bed molded to accept optional wooden dividers 
  *Yellow di-chromate hardware resists rust 
  *22 mm diameter Axle 
  *16? x 6.5? pneumatic wheels with grease nipples 
  *Easy single lever release dump mechanism 
Push Pull trailer 230 kg - QM-0345 *Whether the job is getting rid of yard refuse, hauling firewood, moving sand or dumping gravel QuadMaster carts will ensure safety, reliability and efficiency in many tasks for years to come. The poly bed is quiet and it resists rust. This Cart converts easily from a push cart to a tow cart by simply unfolding the hitch. The poly bed rinses clean with a garden hose. Convertible carts can be used as a wheelbarrow for hauling and dumping while providing stability and easy of use.
*Capacity: up to 230 kg
*Bed: One-piece poly
*S80 mm H x 775 mm W x 1040 mm L
  *Tire: 14" x 4" pneumatic rib
  *Approx Shipping Wt: 27kg 
*Tandem Axle trailer 350 kg - QM-0378  *350 kg Load Capacity
* Poly bed construction is quiet and rust-proof
*Bed molded to accept optional wooden dividers
*Template included for divider construction
*Yellow di-chromate hardware resists rust
*25mm diameter axle
  *18 inch knobbly tread tires with needle bearings and grease nipples for high speeds on rough terrain
  *Easy single lever dump mechanism
  *The walking action of the tandem beam smoothes out the bumps for a better ride




Game-view Hunter Kit *Powder cout steel to prevent rust
*Soft cushings
*Space for Hunting equipment
*Soft top
*Easy access for seats
*Spare wheel + attachment
*Shoot bar
*Petrol and water container attachment




QUADMASTER ATV FINISH CUT MOWER - 1050mm - QM-0306 *10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine 
*Height adjusts from 38 mm to 114 mm 
*Heavy duty and greasable cast aluminium spindles 
*Reduces mowing time when used with mid mounted mower 
*Simple spring loaded offset mechanism 
*Turns ATV into finish cut mower 
*2 blades 
  *No tools required to offset the mower making it easy to re-position when going through gates and mowing in tight spaces 
  *Offsets from 0 to 990 mm 
QUADMASTER ATV FINISH CUT MOWER? 1600mm - QM-0305 * 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
* Height adjusts from 38 mm to 114 mm
*Heavy Duty and greasable cast aluminium spindles
*Reduces mowing time when used with mid mounted mower
*Simple spring loaded offset mechanism
* Turns ATV into a finish cut mower
*Four 12 cm anti-scalp wheels
  * Front mounted mid roller
  *No tools required to offset the mower making it easy to re-position when going through gates, or mowing in tight spaces
  *Offsets from 0 to 1 245 mm allowing you to maximize the cutting width.
  *Key Start
QUADMASTER ATV UNIVERSAL MOWER? 1050 mm - QM-0410 *10.5hp Briggs and Stratton Engine 
*Spannerless and simple height adjustment system 
*The mower can be offset to enable mowing under fences, and between rows 
*Back flap easily removable to allow simple blade access 
*Highly visible and accessible safety kill switch 
*Drawbar easily adapted so that the machine can cut while being towed by a motor vehicle. 
QUADMASTER ATV ROUGH CUT MOWER 1060 mm - QM-0361  Both our Rough Cut models feature dual 2.5Kg break-away blades designed to break back when striking an immovable object, while allowing the engine to keep on running. This prevents damage to the drive system and allows the second blade to chap material that may have been too much for the fist blade alone. They have chains on the front of the mower deck to prevent material from flying forward while cutting. The chains don?t lay the grass and brush as the front of the mower passes over so the blades can cut all the material evenly.
  *12.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine 
  *Dual Heavy duty breakaway blades 
  *Height adjusts from 38 mm to 130 mm 
  *Cuts up to 4cm saplings 
  *No tools required to offset mower 
  *Offsets from 0 to 580 mm left or right 





QUADMASTER ATV BROADCAST SPREADER? 80 kg - QM-0329 *80 kg Poly hopper and spreader plate are rust-proof 
*15? x 6? pneumatic wheels with ball bearings for higher speeds 
*Raised flow control handle accessible from ATV seat 
*Pull pin for free wheeling speedy transport 
*Vinyl cover included 
*3.5 m spread width 
*Long lasting plastic closure plate insures proper operation and is rust-proof 
*20 mm diameter axle 
  *Spreader grate included 
  *Easily attaches to lawn & garden tractors or ATV?s with pin type rear hitch 
120 kg spreader - QM-0364 *120 kg Poly hopper resists corrosion
*15 inch pneumatic wheels with ball bearings for higher speeds
*Pull pin for free wheeling speedy transport
*Vinyl Cover included
*3 meter spread width
*Long lasting plastic closure plate insures proper operation and resists corrosion
  *20mm axle diameter
  *Easily attaches to ATV with a pin type rear hitch
  *Perfect for fertilizing, seeding, or applying granular herbicides.
  *Perfect for commercial use as capacity covers over half a hectare. (Quantities used depend heavily on type of fertilizer, and soil type. Please contact your fertilizer representative for assistance on accurate spreading rates).
60 kg quadmounted spreader - QM-0324  Broadcast spreaders cut down on the number of passes necessary to fully cover your lawn due to their wide distribution pattern (3 Meters or more). Because of their random distribution pattern, over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing are reduced. The long lasting stainless steel closure plate insures proper operation and resists corrosion.
  *Hopper: injection molded polyethylene
*Capacity: approx. 60kg
  *Approx. Coverage: 2300 sq meters.
  *Spread width: 3 M
  *Drive: 12 volt sealed motor
  *Frame: Powder coated steel tubing
  *Wiring: Harness with on/off switch
QUADMASTER ATV POLY "PRO" DROP SPREADER - QM-0288 Spread everything from fertilizer to seed and more with one of QuadMasters extensive line of spreaders. Choose tow or push models to get the job done. Durable poly hopper, coated components and long-lasting plastic closure plates resist corrosion. Positive over-center flow adjustment ensures accurate calibration.
  Broadcast spreaders cut down on the number of passes necessary to fully cover your lawn due to their wide distribution pattern. Because of their random distribution pattern, over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing are reduced.
  Drop spreaders are best for seeding a yard due to the consistent metering and distribution pattern of the seed. They are also good for applying granular herbicides near flower beds and shrubs since the distribution is limited to the area between the wheels ? this prevents overthrow onto ornamental beds
  *80kg Capacity 
  *Poly-hopper is rust-proof 
  *110cm controlled spread width 14? x 4? pneumatic tires for smooth transport 
  *Spreader settings for multiple materials included 
  *80kg capacity provides approx 3700 square metres coverage 
  *Overall width is 130cm 
  *19mm diameter axle




12 Volt ATV Sprayer ? 170L - QM-0325  Quickly apply herbicide, insecticides, liquid fertilizers and other lawn products to turf, trees and shrubs. It?s fast because a tow-behind gives you five times the capacity of the smaller hand held sprayers. It?s easy to simply connect the wiring to your ATV battery, turn it on and spray away. 
  *12 Volt/5 amp electric pump with fuse
  *45 psi
  *11.3 L per minute output
  *4.5 M coiled handgun hose
  *Adjustable 4 M boom spray width and 9 M handgun spray
  *18? knobbly tread tires with needle bearings and grease nipples for higher speed transport and rough terrain
  *Connection wires for battery included
  *Poly tank resists corrosion
  *Heavy duty steel frame construction
  *Create trace lines for fire breaks
QUADMASTER ATV 95L SPOT SPRAYER - QM-0287 *12 Volt/4 amp pump with connection wires included
* 95 litre tank capacity
*4.5 metre coiled hose with spray wand
*4.5 litre per minute output
*Drain plug included
100 litre ATV mounted vertical or horizontal boom sprayer - QM-0421 This adaptable ATV sprayer attaches easily to most all terrain vehicles with a rear mounted rack. It provides an adjustable vertical or horizontal boom of up to 4200mm wide and up to 2500 high. Handgun for spot spraying.
*100 litre tank
  *13 l/min. Shurflo diaphragm pump
  *Pressure regulator
  *Liquid filled pressure gauge
  *In-line filters
  *Adjustable boom height
  *3bar pressure
  *Up to 6 nozzles







QUADMASTER ATV PLUG AERATOR - QM-0298 Use Aerators in the spring or late Autumn, whenever the lawn?s moisture content is high. Plug aerators remove 2cm diameter soil plugs from the lawn, allowing compacted soil to loosen up in addition to the benefits provided by a spike aerator. Best for easily compacted soil like clay, heavy traffic areas (playgrounds and sports fields), and burned out, drought-damaged lawns.
  *24 heavy gauge galvanised points/4 per spool resist rust 
  *Aeration depth up to 3 inches 
  *10? x 4? pneumatic wheels for smooth transport 
  *Heavy duty steel construction and weight tray 
  *Single lever transport handle 
QUADMASTER ATV UNIVERSAL TOW-BEHIND TILLER - QM-0308 The QuadMaster tow-behind tiller features a powerful 6.5HP engine to power through any soil conditions. With its large 90 cm tilling width and conveniently located controls, you can quickly prepare the perfect planting bed with minimal effort.
*6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine 
*Height adjusts from 38 mm to 140 mm depth 
  *6 one-piece 280 mm diameter heavy duty tines 
  *Forward rotation tiller and spring loaded hitch reduces stress 
  *No sleeve or 3 point hitch necessary 
  *Can be used with most ATV?s with a drawbar hitch







3-POINT LINKAGE TOOLBAR- QM-0353 The QuadMaster 3-point trailer allows any non-PTO Category one 3-point hitch attachment to be used on a garden tractor, ATV or utility vehicle. Using the pendant switch connected to the vehicle?s battery the trailer winch raises and lowers attachments without affecting the vehicle?s suspension. When finished, lower attachment to the ground, unplug the switch and unhitch to be free of the attachment and lift mechanism.
  *Frame: Square steel tubing 
  *45 mm receiver tube welded on allowing use of receiver hitch attachments 
  *Size: Category 1 
  *Hitch Points: Quick Connect 
  *Lift system: 900kg Winch (12 Volt) 
  *Lift control: pendant switch 
  *Wheels: 15? x 6? adjustable 
  *Tongue: Clevis type 
GRADER/BOX SCRAPER BLADE - QM-0265  If you?re a serious gardener, you?ll want to check out the QuadMaster line of heavy-duty ground-engaging attachments. These multipurpose tools are built tough and made to last. From heavy plowing to fine cultivating, you?ll get season after season of ground-breaking performance.
*Sturdy steel frame construction 
  *110 cm working width 
  *Blade is 6mm steel with forged points 
  *Adjusts at 30 degree angle in either direction 
  *Reversible 180 Degrees for pushing or dragging material 
  *Requires Sleeve hitch for operation 
DISC CULTIVATOR - QM-0356 The Disc Cultivator is ideal for breaking up dirt clods and tilling soil for seedbed preparation and chemical incorporation. It has twelve 280mm discs plus the disc angle is adjustable and reversible. For use with our 3-point trailer.
*Frame: 3-Point Category 1 
*Working width adjustable from 1.3 m to 1.5 m 
*Discs: twelve 280 mm discs 
  *Adjustment: disc angle from 0 to 20 degrees 
  For use with our 3-point trailer 
QUADMASTER ATV LANDSCAPE RAKE - QM-0357 This rake is ideal for removing debris such as brush, sticks, and rocks from project areas. It is also good for seedbed preparation and giving an area a groomed look. The tines can be reversed or angled left or right for use in a variety of applications.
*Frame: 3-point category 1 
*Size 1200 mm working width 
*Hitch points: Quick Connect 
  *Tines: 6 mm thick heat treated steel 
  *Adjustment: angles 24 degrees in either direction. 
  *For use with our 3-point trailer. 




QUADMASTER ATV ARENA GRADER - QM-0440  *Galvanised steel structure prevents rust 
*Easily towed by most vehicles 
*Removes hoof prints and tracks from sand arenas 
*Quickly smoothes any sand surface 
 Compressor - QM-0460  Features:
*165 Litre/minute @ 8 bar
*6.5 hp ? 4-stroke Honda engine
*60 Litre reservoir
*2 x unduplicated outlets and 1 lubricated out
*Pneumatic wheels
*Suitable for supplying quality air for the following applications.
  * Pruning and lopping shears
  * Tyre filling
  *Spray painting
  *Pneumatic tools
QUADMASTER ATV DRAG HARROW - QM-0390 Easily change from one mode to another by pulling from the opposite end or flipping the tines to face down.
*1.3M x 1.6M flexible tine 
*Pull behind a GT, an ATV or UTV 
*3 modes: aggressive, mild and smooth 
*Easily stored 
*No parts that require lubrication or adjustment 
*Seldom needs maintenance 
  *Prepares fine seed beds 
  *Incorporates herbicides 
  *Scatters livestock droppings 
  *Maintains and renovates pastures 
  *Works-in seed and fertilizer 
  *Maintains tracks, arenas, golf courses and parks. 
Hammer Mill - QM-0470   *Maize output is 700 kg/hour (5mm screen)
*Lucerne output is 400 kg/hour (26mm screen0
 *Blade size 40 x 5 mm
*4 stroke 5.5kw Petrol Engine
*Electric motor 220v 2.2 kw@2800RPM
*Pneumatic wheels
  *Easily interchangeable screens
  *Light weight
  *Adjustable inlet gate
Personnel Cart - QM-0480 *Convert Quad from one man to five man vehicle
*Get personnel to remote inaccessible areas quickly
*Tool and equipment locker beneath seats.
*Seat belts provided for safety
*Transport staff in comfort
*Base trailer converts to water Cart (see QM-0420) by removing seating frame, and fitting 500 litre poly tank.
QUADMASTER ATV HEAVY DUTY TOW BEHIND LAWN SWEEPER - QM-0326 Make a clean sweep of leaves, grass clippings, lawn debris and more with one of QuadMasters dependable Lawn Sweepers. These tow-behind models make quick work of just about any pick-up task and do a thorough, efficient job the first time around. Unique design makes dumping of debris from the tractor seat easy.
*1 200mm sweep run 
*Easy pick up grass clippings, leaves and other lawn debris 
  *10 to 25 cm diameter replaceable brushes 
  *Brush to wheel ration is 5.1 to 1 
  *11? x 2.5? semi-pneumatic tires 
  *Rope dump mechanism 
  *Infinite height adjustment 
QUADMASTER ATV WATER CART ? 500 L - QM-0420 *Move water around the farm 
*Use for filling remote water troughs 
*Robust construction 
*Pump can be purchased as an optional extra 
*Bulk transport of pesticides and herbicides (pre-mixes) 
*Transport of water for staff or animals. 
Weedwiper - 2.75 meter - QM-0450 *Get rid of unwanted pasture weeds quickly and efficiently
*Use between rows with no threat of herbicides damaging orchards/vineyards
*No drift so chemicals can be applied during windy conditions.
 *Minimises risk of chemical contamination to operator
 *Quick and easy to use.
   *Economical use of herbicides ? no wastage


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